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The term Holocaust was not used as a historical concept until after World War II when the world finally understood that the Nazi party and its collaborators had systemically and brutally attempted to annihilate the Jews of Europe.

Unlike America’s mainstream media, the Jewish News and its predecessor, the Detroit Jewish Chronicle, continually published reports about Nazi atrocities during World War II.

An exhibit, assembled by Detroit Jewish News Foundation William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History Archivist Mike Smith, was shown at the Holocaust Memorial Center late last year. On this “Looking Back” page, we will offer selected exhibit panels showing the history of what we now call the Holocaust as it unfolded in the pages of these publications.

The cover of this issue features portraits of Holocaust survivors who settled in Detroit. After escaping the ravages of the Holocaust that claimed many of their family members and friends, these remarkable people went on to build new lives. They prospered in their renewed roles as neighbors and friends, many starting families and raising children within the Detroit community.

The suffering experienced by Holocaust survivors must never be forgotten. Whether in the pages of the Jewish News or in the halls of the Holocaust Memorial Center, their incredible strength and resilience deserve to be celebrated, and the stories they pass on must not fail to remind us: never again.


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