Creative Space Solution

Upgrade your home with these five creative space solutions from interior designer Lois Haron.

By Cassie Kunze

Photos courtesy of Lois Haron Designs

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No matter the size of a living space, storage always seems to be a challenge. So, the Detroit Jewish News spoke with interior designer Lois Haron of Designs in Decorator Wood & Laminates and Lois Haron Designs to learn a few creative space solutions you may not realize are possible.

  1. As a home office by day and guest bedroom by night, this space solution solves the problem of deciding between using a spare room as a home office or a guest bedroom. Haron incorporated a fold down queen size bed into the shelf space with reading lights and cabinets on either side for storage.  “The first shelf also doubles as a nightstand — convenient for a clock, tissues or anything a guest may need,” Haron says.

Creative Space Solution

  1.  Guilty of cluttered kitchen counter tops? This solution creates extra shelving to store cookbooks and any appliances that take up valuable counterspace real estate. “It is possible to add on to existing shelving,” Haron says. “This cookbook storage was custom built and added later to match existing kitchen style cabinets and crown.”

Creative Space Solution

  1.  This space solution addresses the challenges of a smaller living room. Haron opened the living space by selecting a coffee table with plenty of storage space, removing the need for a separate media unit. “This cocktail table has a place for book storage and with a cabinet on the back side for throw blankets,” she says. Haron adds matching the legs of the table and sofa is an important detail to create a visually seamless, organized space.

Creative Space Solution

  1. This solution is great for those who do not need an entire home office but could still benefit from having a space to pay bills or do some quick work.” This kitchen space has built-in lateral file drawers, a printer on pull-out behind doors, storage, pull-out writing surface and plenty of display in upper cabinets, ” Haron says. “It is cohesive and does not interfere with the open kitchen design.”

Creative Space Solution

  1.  Haron proves there are several creative ways to add storage — even in a smaller kitchen. She creatively designed this open kitchen to incorporate storage into every space possible. “Utilizing the kitchen island for extra storage goes a long way — this one wraps around the base where seating is and the upper cabinetry at the far end of countertop has storage for china, glasses and cups,” Haron says. “I also incorporated storage for cooking spices into a hidden support post.”

Creative Space Solution


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