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Oakland County Health Department announces the end of the outbreak as a result of the community-wide effort to contain the virus.

The largest local measles outbreak since 1991 is officially over. The Oakland County Health Department announced the news today after several months of outbreaks occurring throughout the Metro Detroit area.

The Health Division, along with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, partnered with local organizations including Young Israel of Oak Park, Hatzalah of Michigan health care providers and religious leaders to administer over 3,300 measles (MMR) vaccines and facilitate 17 vaccine clinics.

The outbreak began in March 2019 when an infected Israeli traveler visited the area. Of the 44 confirmed cases, 40 took place in Oakland County. The infected individuals ranged from eight months to 63 years old.

“Health Division leaders and staff worked tirelessly to combat this outbreak and protect the health and safety of Oakland County residents,” said County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

Another integral part of combating measles locally was providing technical assistance and resources to healthcare providers, childcare facilities, schools, summer camps and community organizations.

Communication of pertinent information such as vaccination clinics and education about measles through social media and press releases was key in containing the measles outbreak.

“The end of this outbreak is a true testament to the work of Health Division staff and our invaluable community partners,” said Leigh-Anne Stafford, health officer for the Oakland County Health Division.

“We are thankful that this outbreak has ended, and hope it also serves as a reminder of how important getting vaccinated is to prevent future outbreaks in Oakland County.”

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