Frankel Jewish Academy student, Lili Tarnopol, conveys an important message about the need for change through her artwork.

Sixteen-year-old Lili Tarnopol will be a junior at Frankel Jewish Academy this coming fall. She has been heavily involved with student government and performing arts, but during high school, she also developed a talent for painting.

This year, Lili was awarded first place for her painting in this year’s Kappy Family Anne Frank Art and Writing competition.

The prompt for the competition was “not having to wait.” Tarnopol spun the topic into her own idea — “we can’t wait to make a change.”

After giving the topic some thought, she created a painting depicting a stack of dynamite that extends into a crowd of people.

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“All of these people are manifestations of issues in society today,” Tarnopol says. “There’s poverty, protestors who are heckling others and people trapped in their technology. The clock is ticking on the dynamite and it represents the urgency that is needed to change the world.”

Tarnopol found out she won first place right before she took her last Advanced Placement (AP) exam of the year.

“I was so stressed and scared for my exam,” Tarnopol says. “I remember checking my email and saw that I won. I was so excited, and I immediately called my mom. That was the first competition I ever won first place.”

Tarnopol was never serious about art until she entered high school and met Natalie Balazovich, who has been her art teacher for the past two years.

“She helps me so much. She understands that I am a perfectionist and she keep me grounded,” Tarnopol says. “She always reassures me that my artwork looks good and has even encouraged me to sell some of my pieces. She is the best.”

Tarnopol’s artwork is on display in the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills along with the other winners.

“It’s so cool to see my artwork hung up next to others that were created by children my age working towards the same goal,” Tarnopol says.

Get to know more about Lili Tarnopol:

  1. Favorite Food: Pizza and ranch are the best combo (preferably margherita pizza)
  2. Favorite Music: Show tunes, classical, or indie alternative
  3. Favorite Color: Red
  4. Favorite Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower
  5. Favorite Netflix Series: Black Mirror
  6. Favorite Book: I don’t have a favorite book, but I do read a lot of plays.
  7. Biggest fan/supporter: My mom. She calls herself my “momager”
  8. The next place you want to visit: New York City or London

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