Elie’s Mediterranean Grill/Bar showcases “impossibly” good meatless Mediterranean dishes as part of new “Impossible” meat menu.

Photos courtesy of Elie’s Mediterranean Grill/Bar

Throughout the years, restaurants have dabbled in ways to make various meat dishes without the meat with some success … but rarely with Mediterranean food.

Among them — and very few are those eateries who have both regular and meatless menu sectors — a huge favorite is here in Birmingham … where the products are cooked with its special spices in the plant foods that make for delicious and healthy dishes.

Elie’s Mediterranean Grill/Bar on Pierce Street, west of Old Woodward and south of Maple, combines the two selection styles by owner/chef Elie Mondalek with amazing success.
“Impossible”-named meatless Mediterranean foods like fried kibbeh, kofta meatballs, samboosik, homemade makanik-sausages, grape leaves, Kibbeh Bil Saniyeh, Shish Kofta Gourmet “Impossible” burger and gourmet “Impossible” Armenian Sujuk.

Along with regular Mediterranean, American and Middle Eastern favorites like lamb chops, baby back ribs, Moroccan swordfish, chicken kabob, vegetarian dishes, whitefish, salmon, prawns, chicken, perch, etc. … and so many more preferences for overwhelmingly choice dining.

Elie’s has been a big choice among diners since 1993 and widely acclaimed for its many menu selections … but never as much as it is today … Elie’s does all its own baking of pita bread, pies, etc. … and the making of desserts like rice pudding, ashta, cheesecake, pecan pie, etc.

Elie’s is open Mondays to Saturdays 11 a.m.-10 p.m. … and Sundays for private parties … with indoor seating for 28 and 28 outdoors … plus 10 stools at the bar.

It is a favorite for numerous celebrities appearing here who say many choice words about Elie’s … Along with localites whose praises are many.

Having two separate menus such as those at Elie’s in itself is a dining wonder and much appreciated.

A CONEY ISLAND restaurant that is now noted for much more than just hot dogs, the former site of Eddy’s Coney Island, has been remodeled and opened on Haggerty Road between 15 Mile and Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township … as BLD Coney Island.

The BLD stands for … Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner … with a larger selection from which to choose … House baking of turkeys, corned beef, etc. … in a clean, relaxing family setting.
It now not only has coneys, made with regular or kosher hot dogs, but also amazing pasta dishes that few other such operations can claim … BLD’s Cajun chicken pasta, as example, is a big favorite … along with noted lox plates and sandwiches … omelets, regular and stuffed …homemade soups and chili … salads galore … strip steaks, fish varieties, fajitas, shrimp, burgers (regular, Greek, salmon, turkey, chicken, vegetarian), pitas, wraps, etc., in a bevy of family dining goodness.

It opened in September of last year, with seating for 120 persons … Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-midnight, Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m.-2 a.m. … BLD Coney Island, owned by Maisser Mikhail, is already making large waves of much dining satisfaction.

I HAVE AGAIN been told that a correct Caesar salad as originated by Cesar Cardini had anchovies … Whole or mashed in it … Chef/owner at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, Cardini did not have anchovies … One of Cardini’s ingredients was Worchester Sauce, which has a hint of anchovies.

REARVIEW MIROR … Folks used to travel over to Cadieux Avenue on the east side for its Belgian sports, like feather bowling, archery, pigeon racing, bicycling and European-style dancing … World traveler George Pierrot used to say, “The next thing to Belgium is a mussels dinner at the Cadieux Café.”

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … The Russian commissar lay in an oxygen tent and was going fast. Very weak, the commissar said to his chief assistant in a faint whisper, “Ivan, I only have a few minutes left. I want you to know I’m leaving you everything. My house, my electric heater, my farm. Ivan, everything goes to you. All I ask from you in return is one last favor.”

The assistant exclaimed eagerly, “Yes, yes, commissar. Anything, anything at all. What is it?” Feebly, the dying man murmured, “Please take your foot off the oxygen tube!”

CONGRATS … To Sylvia Solomon on her birthday… To Simone Vitale on his birthday …To Howard and Susan Levin on their 55th anniversary.

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