Birmingham and Royal Oak Police Departments report a total of five neo-Nazi recruitment flyers, including one at Clover Hill Park Cemetery.

The morning of July 4, Executive Director of Clover Hill Park Cemetery Kim Raznick couldn’t believe what she saw hanging on a pillar near the cemetery’s front entrance.

It was a Nazi flyer from a neo-Nazi group called the Atomwaffen Division, encouraging people to “join their local Nazis”.

neo-Nazi flyer
Courtesy of Kim Raznick

Raznick immediately took it down and reported the incident to the Birmingham Police.

“It’s just so disappointing to think that there is so much ignorance in the world,” Raznick said.

Birmingham Police Chief Mark Clemence is currently investigating the incident.

“We reported it to the state and federal authorities,” Clemence said. “They reached out to us and told us that the Atomwaffen Division is not an active group in our area.”

Despite these findings, there are now four reports of the flyers in Birmingham.

“They are a hate group — plain and simple,” Chief Clemence said. “We have no intelligence thus far that there is going to be a future problem.”

An additional report was given to the Royal Oak Police Department regarding a flyer found in the 14 Mile and Hampton area.

“It wasn’t targeted towards anyone,” Royal Oak Lieutenant Keith Spencer said. “It was found on a light pole and we were called. The person had already removed it from the light pole and had given it to us.”

Royal Oak Police have documented the incident and are sharing the information with law enforcement partners.

“We will continue to monitor that area,” Spencer said. “We want to keep an eye out on further reports of these incidents. However, there is no indication at this point that there is any imminent threat of violence based upon these flyers.”

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