Between his advocacy about traveling with allergies to developing his own non-profit, 16-year-old Benny Shaevsky has a passion for helping others.

Photos Courtesy of Benny Shaevsky

Frankel Jewish Academy (FJA) senior Benny Shaevsky knows how to stay busy. Shaevsky is a member of the National Honor Society, the tennis team and serves as the president of FJA’s Anti-Defamation League Chapter.

However, Shaevsky’s involvement doesn’t end when school does. He is also an “allergy advocate” who spoke on a panel at the 2018 Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Teen Summit on how to travel with allergies.

Shaevsky has dealt with allergies his whole life and wants others to gain knowledge so they can live a normal life.

“I have done a lot of traveling on my own,” Shaevsky says. “So, I just have used that experience in different settings to teach other teens how to manage their allergies when they’re on the go.”

The ability to help people through allergy advocacy is just one of the many ways Shaevsky is impacting his community. He took his passion for helping others and in 2017 developed his own non-profit organization, Tech4Seniors.

“Our organization provides technology training to mobility challenged or home-bound senior citizens in either nursing facilities or even just their homes,” Shaevsky said.

The idea came to Shaevsky after becoming involved in a teen volunteer group at Adat Shalom synagogue where he participated in an event called “Tech Connect.”

“Members of the synagogue were able to bring their technology into the synagogue and we would help them,” Shaevsky says. “It is great event on its own, but it got me thinking about the seniors that can’t make it to the synagogue and would benefit even more from this knowledge.”

With a little help from his dad, he was able to develop his non-profit organization through the IRS and the state of Michigan.

“My goal was never to make money off of this,” Shaevsky said. “I wanted to help people in need and make sure they were connected to the world around them, whether that’s through FaceTime or texting.”

Shaevsky finds it rewarding to engage seniors with their technology.

“My purpose of my non-profit is to help people who can’t get out or can’t see their children or relatives very often,” Shaevsky said.

Shaevsky hopes to attend business school after he graduates from FJA. He is currently interning with The Jewish Fund where he is learning more about grants and philanthropy through area non-profits.

“I definitely want to be involved with non-profits in some aspect,” Shaevsky said.

You can learn more about Tech4Seniors or donate by visiting their website:

Get to know more about Benny Shaevsky:

  1. Favorite food: Hamburger
  2. Favorite color: Blue
  3. Favorite TV Show: Shark Tank
  4. Biggest Fan or Supporter: My parents
  5. Favorite Book: Nonfiction books
  6. The next place you want to visit: China because of the culture and architecture

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