The DJN learns about Mimi Marcus, whose passion for photographing rescue animals to pair them with owners developed into Together Fureverr.

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1. When did you start Together Fureverr?

I started Together Fureverr a little over two months ago. I was taking photos of my sister’s dog and it just clicked. I thought “this dog is a rescue, it would have been really nice to see a photo of this dog when it was adopted, instead of a photo behind bars.” So, I decided to reach out and try it with one rescue, and now it has picked up.

2. How close are you to your $1000 fundraising goal and what does it go toward?

Right now, we’re at $506, so hopefully we make it. I just need that extra push. On August 10 I’ll be closing the fundraiser. All this money will be split evenly to four different rescues. They’ll use it for food, helping with vet bills and toys — the supplies that they really need.

Mimi Marcus

3. Are animals and animal adoption your passion?

Yes. It didn’t used to be until I started this. It is all I think about. It’s cool because my friends are starting to get involved, and one of my friends just adopted one of the dogs I took photos of. My passion is spreading to my group and my community.

4. How does it feel to have people find an animal through you?

It feels awesome to not only help the animals but help the people and the family that is now bringing in a new family member. It’s exciting — I get excited when these animals get adopted. If I know the people adopting them, I can also keep up with the animal once they’re adopted.

Mimi Marcus

5. Do you have animals of your own that you rescued?

My sister’s dog is a rescue, but I don’t have a dog of my own… yet. I kind of count all of these dogs as mine. One day I will have my own dog, I just need to find the right one that bonds with me.

6. What are your goals for Together Fureverr? What do you hope it grows into?

Right now, it’s sort of just a passion project. Hopefully in the future it can become a rescue. Together Fureverr could be the rescue instead of just the photographer. I would be bringing in dogs and helping them get adopted, using my passion and non-profit background to find them homes.

7. How involved are you in the Jewish community?

I worked at MSU Hillel for the past four years. So right now, my job at The Well is the only Jewish organization I am a part of. I am currently enrolled in a Jewish Masters program at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago.

Mimi Marcus is Director of Programs at The Well, as well as a fellow at Taglit-Birthright Israel. She is the former Director of Engagement at MSU Hillel, and graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in 2015. Her page, Together Fureverr, showcases shelter rescues in a positive light — a snapshot of what these animals would look like outside of cages and in the lives of family. Each week, she contacts local shelters and animal rescues to photograph adoptable pets. There will be a short bio and information on how to foster or adopt each animal.

To donate to Mimi’s fundraiser for Together Fureverr, click here!

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