Detroit Maccabi Dance Team steals the show with gold medals in all categories during the 2019 competition.

Video by Derrick Martinez

The Detroit Maccabi dance team lived up to the high expectations set forth by previous successes, ending the 2019 Detroit Maccabi Games & ArtsFest with a bang during their final performance at Groves High School on Aug. 8.

The team took home gold medals in both of their full-group performances, as well as small group and individual performances.

Detroit Maccabi Dance Team first-time coach Paula Lynn could not be more thrilled with the team’s efforts.

“I am so proud of all the girls,” Lynn says. “We’ve had such a great six months. I’ve watched them all grow and mature and become better dancers, and we are so happy with the outcome.”

Detroit Maccabi Dance Team
Courtesy of Detroit Maccabi Dance Team
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