JVS Human Services continues its growing mission to train individuals with disabilities to prepare them with skills for the workplace.

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JVS Human Services has two new facilities to help individuals with disabilities become fluent in skills needed in a growing industry.

A new simulated supermarket setting in the organization’s Southfield headquarters (29699 Southfield Road) is training potential employees to shop for online grocery pick-up.

In the agency’s Detroit location (4250 Woodward Ave.), a new simulated warehouse, sorting and fulfillment center is training individuals with disabilities to understand the requirements of such jobs and practice and improve their skills prior to job placement.
“Meaningful employment is a huge stepping-stone toward independence and self-worth for everyone, including those with disabilities,” said James Willis, vice president, Workforce Development & Rehabilitation of JVS Human Services.

Kroger, which has worked with JVS Human Services for many years placing employees with disabilities at their stores throughout Metro Detroit, has just employed a “graduate” of the simulated shopping training for its curbside grocery pick-up program, called Kroger Pickup.
At JVS’ shopping market in Southfield, job seekers learn to retrieve and read a customer’s shopping list on their phone, to search “supermarket” aisles for items ordered, to weigh produce, to scan all the items and to bag them all up. Potential employees are also thrown curveballs, situations where items are not available, and they are taught to call a customer offering alternatives.

At JVS’s simulated warehouse in Detroit, individuals spend time putting boxes on conveyor belts, pallets or other locations so that products can be shipped off to consumers.

Opportunities are available to tryout “picking jobs,” which involve reading a computer screen for the location of products that need to be selected for shipping. Individuals are assessed for accuracy and speed and can be given adjustments to improve performances. So far, 21 workers have been placed in warehouse fulfillment jobs after completing this program.

For details, contact Lydia Gray at JVS Human Services, (248) 233-4480 or lgray@jvshumanservices.org.


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