Metro Detroit photographer Marla Must captures the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren in her photo shoots.

Photography by Marla Michele Must

If there’s anything to learn from watching the years go by, it’s how precious each moment is. That’s why it’s so important to capture those precious moments to look back on forever.
Metro Detroiter Marla Michele Must is someone who specializes in capturing such moments. Birmingham resident, mother of three and owner of Enchanted Photography, Marla is a designated international master photographer in portraiture and has focused her work on families, children and high school seniors since 2011.

Upon the request of parents around Metro Detroit, Must recently began using her talent and creativity to produce touching portraits of grandparents and grandchildren spending precious moments together, something not often seen in family-centric photo shoots.

Shelli Feinberg and grandson Ashton.
“Ahma” Faye and “Buppa” Jim Friedman with grandsons Parker and Jack.

“I’ve been creating portraits of families in the community for the last eight years, and, in that time, I’ve experienced resistance from grandparents to take part in family portrait sessions,” Must said. “But you see, this is so special and important for families to have these sweet memories to cherish!”

Must got the idea for this project last May, when she was inspired by a grandfather giving his granddaughter “life lessons.” Since the inception of this project, she has photographed about a dozen grandparents with their grandchildren.

“Grandchildren are magic,” Faye Ellen Friedman said. “Marla presented an amazing opportunity for us. Her talented eye captured a moment in time we will cherish forever. The pure joy and love we share with our little ones is now preserved in her enchanted images.”

Ken Korotkin, another grandparent who participated in this project, shared a similar sentiment.

Three generations with Marla Sallan, Maya Sallan and grandmother Amy Sternberg.

“Spending time with my grandchildren always brings a smile to my face; it’s my happy place,” Korotkin said. “What I would say about the photoshoot: It allowed me to capture the love of my five grandchildren with their papa. It was a special time for us to be together and just enjoy each other.”

Must has been touched by these photographs as well.

“These memories are priceless now and for generations to come,” Must said. “I’m on a mission to demonstrate these portraits can be done in a way that is artistic, candid, intimate and full of emotion, celebrating that magic connection.”

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