The Well collaborated with Matt Prentice for an interactive and delicious evening at Leon & Lulu/Three Cats Cafe in Clawson.

For this exclusive event, guests came hungry and eager to learn cooking skills from the legendary chef and restaurateur, Matt Prentice, who let the group in an interactive demonstration on how to filet, cure and smoke fish from start to finish.

Prentice also led the group in making Everything bagels from scratch along with Boursin cheese, which he emphasizes as the best bagel spread. Event-goers enjoyed layered smoked fish parfaits, bagel and lox sliders and wine and frozen beverages.

Matt Prentice
Dan Horwitz, Matt Prentice and Stephanie Wald prepare lox. Marisa Meyerson/The Well


Lowell Weiss got the hang of slicing the salmon just right. Marisa Meyerson/The Well
Matt Prentice shows Natalie Baum how to brine the fish. Marisa Meyerson/The Well
Katey Wagner had no fears about prepping the fish. Marisa Meyerson/The Well
Colleen Weiss makes the bagel dough. Marisa Meyerson/The Well

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