Each month, The Well highlights an amazing (and eligible!) individual. The Well has agreed to share its Q & As with these amazing singles with the JN. This month, The Well has a conversation with NJP Abbie Jankelovitz.

By Marisa Meyerson, Special to the Jewish News

Q: How did you decide to make your adult life in Metro Detroit?
AJ: I grew up in Metro Detroit and decided to stay here for two reasons. First, which is the most important to me, is that my family lives here. I am so grateful for my amazing family and could not imagine being away from them. Second, I decided to attend graduate school, and the program I was extremely interested in happened to be located in Metro Detroit. I almost moved away to Texas after undergrad, but I am so happy I decided to stay.

Q: You’re the founder of The 360 MindBody, a business that combines physical and mental health efforts to increase quality of life. What was the process of starting your own company like?
AJ: My two main passions in life are fitness and mental health. I knew that I wanted to combine the two of them and believe that the connection between the two is often overlooked. I have recently created a website and have been running events through the business to try and get the word out. The process of trying to start something new is always difficult, and this has not proven otherwise. It is very difficult to start a new business. It has started off very slow, but I have learned the importance of taking each day one at a time and focusing on the little steps rather than just the end goal.

Q: You’re also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Nafas Fitness in Royal Oak. What’s your favorite part about working directly with clients, either one-on-one or in a group setting?
AJ: I absolutely love working as a trainer and group fitness instructor. Not only does it allow me to share my passion for fitness, but it also allows me to create connections with lots of different people. My favorite thing about being a trainer is the ability to be a cheerleader for someone that needs it. I have the ability to motivate and inspire so many people to become a better version of themselves. I also make sure that everyone feels welcomed, accomplished and comfortable when working out with me.

Q: And if you weren’t busy enough, you’re also in graduate school for clinical mental health counseling! Looking five years into the future, how would you like to see your schooling and professional endeavors all come together?
AJ: My dream is to grow my own business: The 360 MindBody. This will be my own private practice. It will be a therapy center that not only provides mental health counseling, but also personal trainers, dietitians and meditation guides. I want to create a total health and wellness center where a person can come in and have a program tailored specifically to them and their goals. All the teams will work together to help the client achieve optimum wellness.

Q: Outside of work and school, how do you spend your free time? What’s your ideal day off?
AJ: I am an extremely active person. I love to do anything outside or anything that gets my heart pumping. I love exploring new places, hiking and biking. I am also very into boxing. I started boxing about seven years ago and fell in love with it. I try to box at least a couple times a week. On the less active side, I love going to anything live, whether that be a concert, comedy show or a sports game. I also love being able to just relax and watch a movie.

Courtesy of the WELL

Q: What’s your “happy place,” and why is it so special?
AJ: My happy place is Sanibel Island (Fla). Every year my family and I go down to Sanibel Island for winter break. I have been going there for over 20 years and cannot imagine my life without it. Everything down there makes me happy. It is a super small island and we have the ability to walk everywhere. We stay right on the beach and get to see the sunrise and sunset every day. It feels like my home away from home.

Q: What fictional place would you most like to travel to and why?
AJ: Wow, that is hard. I would have to say Hogwarts from Harry Potter. I went to Harry Potter World at Universal and had so much fun. There is something about Hogwarts that makes you smile, and it’s so full of magic and adventure.

Q: How do you like to give back to the community/others?
AJ: I have always been one to think of others. It is important to me that people around me are happy, and I try to help in any way I can. I try to volunteer as often as I can and attend local fundraisers. I have run a lot of fundraiser events at my gyms to help raise money and awareness. We recently organized a Box Out Breast Cancer class.

Q: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?
AJ: My favorite Jewish Holiday is Rosh Hashanah. When I think about my childhood, I remember that always being my favorite holiday. It was always such a happy occasion and it was a whole day I got to spend with my family. We would also always have a huge dinner all together, which I remember always had the best food. I am also pretty partial to the shofar.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
AJ: In undergrad, I studied abroad three times all on my own. I was very proud of myself for being able to do something so outside of my comfort zone. I knew no one on my trips and I was in a different country for each (Italy, Israel, Australia). Each one helped me grow, become more independent and gain self-confidence.

Q: Would you rather win an Olympic Medal (for what sport?), an Academy Award (in what category?) or Nobel Prize (in what)?
AJ: Olympic medal for sure. Probably in some type of individual sport like swimming or ice skating … not that I do any of those sports, hahaha.

Q: Best movie ever made, hands down?
AJ: For sure a Disney movie. It’s a strong tie between Mulan and Lion King.

Q: How about a fun fact?
AJ: I have older siblings who are triplets!

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