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Set your new year’s table for Rosh Hashanah with pretty pinks and golds, punctuated with plenty of symbolic pomegranates.

Inspired by her late mother Shally’s passion for entertaining, London-based Dani Tucker has transformed those skills into a business and blog, found at TheSocialKitchen.org. Event planning, catering and beautifully bespoke tablescape designing, including for brands Bobbi Brown, Anthropologie and more, helps her feel connected to her mom as well as to the Jewish traditions, South African roots and English upbringing her family shared when Tucker was growing up.

“Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year, is thought to be the birthday of the Earth,” Tucker says. “It’s a holiday that is all about loved ones coming together at a table to enjoy good food, which is the very ethos on which the Social Kitchen was built.”

Here, Tucker shares what she calls her “extra-sweet Rosh Hashanah table setting.” And, with Rosh Hashanah starting at sundown Sept. 29, you have plenty of time to plan.

“As we are going into autumn, I went for a darker colour scheme than I’ve been using lately,” Tucker says. “It’s important to include bright elements when doing this, as you want your table to look rich and warm, rather than simply dark. That’s why I used the pink plates and flowers.

“You’ll also notice I’ve used pomegranates in abundance! Not only are they a great way to brighten up your table, but they are also symbolic of our hopes for a sweet and pleasant year, and the seeds represents all the wonderful events of the future — or at least I like to think so!”

Get The Look:

1. Lay your groundwork with a simple but textural burlap tablecloth, like this Saro Lifestyle Mari Sati Tablecloth from Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. Mix-and-match Mud Australia’s handcrafted, oven- and dishwasher-safe porcelain plates in a collection of delicious hues. Zieben Mare, Franklin.

3. Add some sparkle with gold flatware from West Elm. Westelm.com.

4. Hand-painted pewter pomegranate salt and pepper shakers shimmer with Swarovski crystals. Moderntribe.com.

5. Tie a ribbon around a honey dipper for a sweet take-home centerpiece at each seat. Amazon.com.

6. Line the table with canisters of Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a bit deeper in flavor than honey. Amazon.com.

7. Anthropologie’s Felicity Wine Glasses are handblown from soda lime glass. Anthropologie.com.

8. John Derian’s handmade decoupage Bee 35 plates feature the guest of honor. Zieben Mare, Franklin.


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