West Bloomfield restaurant Bistro Le Bliss pleases palates in its first year with French-inspired Eastern European menu.

Photos via Bistro Le Bliss Facebook

Celebrating only its first anniversary is a new restaurant already making many waves of successful ingesting acceptance in West Bloomfield and surrounding regions.

The French-inspired Eastern European eatery Bistro Le Bliss on Orchard Lake Road, south of Maple, on the west side, owned by the executive chef himself, Yakov Fleysher, is being touted for its excellent homemade dishes, which have been receiving much acclaim … A West Bloomfield onion soup, scallops velouté du Barry, a white fish a la meuniere, etc. … from a brick oven that seems to bring out the satisfying dining that one gets from a cozy and casual culinary experience.

Bistro Le Bliss has been open since August of 2018, but it is already noted for its weekly specials like the pan-seared barramundi, Walleye Provencal dusted fillet, a Savory Napoleon with house-cured wild Alaskan sockeye, dill sauce and triple caviar mousse, duck breast pan-seared with sweet potato hash, an excellent black olive-dusted cod loin, charbroiled sturgeon fillet, etc.

A major goal of Bistro Le Bliss seems to be the creation of unique culinary experiences that include dishes seldom seen elsewhere … like short ribs bourguignon, beef Stroganoff with morel mushrooms, bouillabaisse, Michigan tart cherry strudel, baked on premises … Chef/owner Fleysher has been a resident of the West Bloomfield area since 1998 and, aside from cooking food, is seemingly quite astute in recognizing eating habits by the creation of his menu.

Bistro Le Bliss is open Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m-10 p.m. … with seating for 60 … and presents the kind of neighborhood family-owned dining experience so often wished for with many simple but classic dishes for a tongue and tummy experience to remember.

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