Emma Cherrin of Huntington Woods is a strong advocate for women’s rights both globally and here in our community.

Photos courtesy of Emma Cherrin

Sixteen-year-old Emma Cherrin proudly considers herself a feminist with a passion for empowering women.

She attends Berkley High School, where she and a friend started a women’s club called Girl Up.

“My friend Zoe Zaltz and I were really interested in joining a feminist club at Berkley but when we got there in ninth grade, we realized there wasn’t one in place,” Cherrin said. “We ended up searching the web for a feminist club and we came across Girl Up.”

She noticed that there was nothing like this in her area and went out of her way to get more feedback on the organization.

“Girl Up is the United Nations Adolescent Girl Campaign,” Cherrin said. “It advocates for global gender equality, provides education to girls in developing countries and provides the right resources for their health.”

Not only does it impact girls in developing countries, Girl Up also lends a helping hand to advocate for women’s rights here in our communities.

With the help of Zaltz, Cherrin started up Berkley’s Girl Up club.

“It’s actually really popular,” Cherrin said. “We have a lot of girls that are passionate about it just like us. It is so amazing to see our community come together to support one another.”


Their Girl Up club organizes fundraisers at Berkley High. One of the most memorable fundraisers took place on International Women’s Day, where the group sold T-shirts that said, “empowered women, empower women.”

Not only is Cherrin doing big things with her local Girl Up club, she also had the opportunity to participate in a T-shirt design competition for a collaboration between Girl Up and Fabletics, a women’s sportswear company founded by Kate Hudson.

“I was looking online for more opportunities to become involved with Girl Up and I came across the partnership with Fabletics,” Cherrin said. “The competition embraced the theme of “girl hero” and asked you to design a T-shirt on however you interpreted that statement.”

Cherrin immediately grabbed a sharpie and began doodling T-shirt concepts, landing on a design that included the words, #GirlHero in the center with hands holding different objects including a hammer, pencil and microphone.

“The point I wanted to get across was that you can be a hero no matter what you’re doing. The hero really starts with you and your passion can inspire others.”

Cherrin was chosen as a finalist in the competition and headed to Los Angeles in June to tour the Fabletics headquarters and meet the Fabletics design team.

While she was there, she discovered that her T-shirt design was selected as the winner and would appear on Fabletics apparel that would be sold at the Girl Up Leadership Summit July 15-17.

“I was really happy that I won,” Cherrin said. “I worked really hard on the design and spent so much time editing it. But overall, it was a great experience to engage with the Fabletics design team and meet other passionate girls from around the country.”

Cherrin is a Hillel Day School alumna. She and her parents, Daniel and Marni, are members of Congregation Beth Shalom in Oak Park. She also serves on the Friendship Circle board and attends Sunday Circle every weekend.

Get to know more about Emma Cherrin:

  1. Favorite food: Chocolate chips just straight out of the bag
  2. Favorite song: “Another Day in Paradise” by Quinn XCII
  3. Favorite colors: Pastels
  4. Favorite genre of movies: “Rom-Coms”
  5. Favorite T.V. show or Netflix series: Gossip Girl or Friends
  6. Favorite book: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett
  7. Biggest fan or supporter: My family is always there for me, but my mom gives the best advice.
  8. Best advice you have received: “It will get better.”

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