Shosh Abromovich of Huntington Woods has risen through the ranks and now serves as iHeartMedia Toledo’s Market President.

Photos courtesy of Shosh Abromovich

Avid runner Shosh Abromovich often applies her marathon mindset toward her career goals. After many years in digital media, she earned the title of market president for iHeartMedia Toledo this past May.

Abromovich, 33, is a Hillel Day School and Berkley High School alumna, graduating from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2008 with a degree in Communications.

Three days after she finished college, she began her career in Metro Detroit as an account executive for Clear Channel, which later became iHeartMedia.

In this role, Abromovich learned that this position wasn’t just about sales — it was about affecting the marketing and business growth of every type of business iHeartMedia encompassed.

“One day you’re meeting with a forklift company and the next you’re meeting with a retail type of business,” Abromovich said. “You get to be the one to come up with the really great and creative ideas to get someone interested in those products.”

From there, Abromovich gravitated towards the digital world and became a digital media manager at iHeartMedia at 25 years old.

“I was completely fascinated with how targeted you can get and the data you can collect by using digital marketing,” Abromovich said. “I wanted our account executives to understand and help educate their clients about our amazing digital assets.”

Abromovich continued growing with iHeartMedia as a general sales manager. She took on more responsibility and ran her own team of account executives. She was also in charge of overseeing radio stations Mix 92.3 and WJLB 97.9.

After a couple of years, she was promoted to senior vice president of sales for the Toledo market, and almost to the day of her 11th anniversary with iHeartMedia, Abromovich landed the role of market president.

“We have seven amazing radio stations and sell the entire country out of our market,” Abromovich said. “We plan great national and local events, including the iHeart Radio Music Festival.”

Abromovich credits her success within iHeartMedia to the culture of the company.

“Someone did take a risk on me by putting a 25-year-old in management, and that’s not something every business would do. I really appreciate and respect my company for seeing that I have that potential.”


When Abromovich isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her husband and high school sweetheart, Scott Abromovich, and their 19-month-old daughter, Hayden. They reside in Huntington Woods with their beagle Leroy, and attend Congregation Beth Shalom.

Abromovich is also a marathon-runner, completing her 16th marathon this year.

“I love getting people into the sport and encouraging them to participate in marathons,” Abromovich said. “This idea ties perfectly to my job in management because you can give them all the tools and tips, but they ultimately still have to do it for themselves. And then seeing them succeed and cross that finish line, is the best feeling as a manager.”


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