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Al shares his journey on the new Rails-to-Trails path, which includes necessary stops for pancakes and frozen yogurt.

While we’re still enduring a season of road construction, there is one completed stretch worth celebrating. It’s the new Rails-to-Trails path that begins where the West Bloomfield Trail previously ended at Haggerty Road.

The asphalted path is approximately 1 mile, connecting walkers, joggers and bikers to the M-5 Metro Trail, which is now accessible by a beautiful new pedestrian bridge that extends over the highway. It’s all part of a scenic network of 194 trails that crisscross our state for 2,835 miles. (Visit

The photo of me was taken by a kind lady, Emily, who took pity on my lack of coordination as I tried to take a selfie. I had already ridden 7 miles, while Emily, having already biked from Berkley, was riding to her sister’s house in Ann Arbor. She figured she had another five hours ahead of her. You go, girl! (Before you get too impressed, Emily told me she wasn’t riding back home. Her husband was picking her up. Just sayin’.)

My endurance challenge? I biked back 1 mile to carbo load at the Breakfast Club restaurant on Haggerty. Fabulous multigrain pancakes — and they give you a chocolate-covered strawberry with your check. The perfect nutrients needed to ensure a safe 6-mile journey home; which included one more break to get a Yoz Yogurt at Crosswinds Mall. (Caution: My training regimen is not for everyone. Check with your doctor before attempting to duplicate my efforts.)

Before the snow falls, I intend on making my way back to the pedestrian bridge for an inaugural ride on the M-5 Metro Trail. At that point, the trail will safely make accessible either LuLu’s on Welch Road, great omelets, or the Commerce Costco for free samples, an all-beef hotdog and a slice of pizza. (Suggestion: The signs on the trail that identify wildlife you might see should also include restaurant locations.)

By the way, did you happen to notice my bicycle riding attire? Unlike many male riders I’ve seen of a similar age and (ahem) girth, I have the good sense to wear my skintight, TMI, cycling shorts under a pair of gym shorts. You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, I have an update on another healthy journey I shared a few weeks ago — my CPAP treatment. I received emails from readers who shared their apnea adventures. Even several doctors weighed in with opinions. More medical care that doesn’t go toward my deductible.

After three months of CPAP, I can definitely feel a marked improvement in my daytime energy. And I have the numbers to prove it.

My obstructive sleep apnea has been eliminated. However, it turns out I’m also dealing, with success, with a trickier problem called “central sleep apnea,” which is when your brain actually doesn’t tell your muscles to breathe while you’re sleeping. Isn’t that special?

My brain doesn’t do a lot things. It doesn’t remember where I put my cell phone. It often doesn’t remember why I went from one room to another. It doesn’t tell me where I parked my car. It has never been able to stop me from watching Lions games. But my brain not telling me to breathe at night?! Thank goodness it at least still has the courtesy to wake me twice a night before I go to the bathroom. Stay tuned.

Alan Muskovitz is a writer, voice-over/acting talent and emcee. Visit, “like” Al on Facebook and reach him at

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