Collision Six, which has three Jewish members, performs “Santeria” on stage with Post Malone at the MGM Grand Detroit.

Video courtesy of Matt Rappaport/Collison Six

Local band Collision Six, which has three Jewish members — Matt Rappaport,  Sarah Rappaport and Evan Sherman — was performing at MGM Grand Detroit in the Axis Lounge last Saturday night, Sep. 28.

Well-known rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malone was there hanging out, so the band talked with him on their break, asking if he wanted to come up and perform a song with them. He said yes, picked the song, and jammed out with the band.

Matt Rappaport said Post Malone was “really down to earth, friendly and incredible on stage. The guy took the time to shake hands with each person in the band after the song was over.”

Collision Six is a well-known Metro Detroit event band.


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