Cabaret is showing at the JET Theatre in Walled Lake until November 3.

Featured photo courtesy of JET

Life is wonderful; life is great; life is a cabaret! For proof, you need go no further than the current JET Theatre production of Cabaret.

Attendees are seated at intimate tables for four as the theater has been transformed into the Kit Kat Klub of 1931 in Berlin. The ladies of the chorus sell beer and wine before the show starts and their attire, teddies and fishnet stockings (many purposely needing repair), sets the scene well.

The minimal set lets the viewer use his imagination and concentrate on the characters and the developing story. The songs are rendered very well and delivered by a spirited, talented cast. The Emcee (played by Bello Pizzimenti) introduces the cabaret boys and girls (wonderfully sung and danced by the ensemble as choreographed by the creative Debbie Williams) and the Kit Kat Club’s star performer, Sally Bowles (played by Mackenzie Conn). The play’s director, Chris Bremer, with new blond locks, appears in a cameo role as Max, the club’s proprietor.

The set also becomes an apartment building, owned by Frau Schneider (Julia Gladner), which houses several colorful tenants, including Fraulein Kost (Meredith Deighton), who is turning tricks in her abode. Greg Trzaskoma is touching as the sweet but naïve Herr Schultz, Frau Schneider’s “love interest.”

The story is moved along by many other characters. Notably, there is Cliff (Connor Allston), the American traveling from European capital to capital, trying to write a novel; we learn he has had had a fling with another Kit Kat performer, Bobby (Jake B. Rydell), back in London. Tim Stone is Ernst, the German who first befriends Cliff and offers viewers a startling surprise.

However, the good times come to a screeching halt as the Nazis goosestep into town. Spoiler alert: This musical does not have a happy ending.

The musical is showing on weekends through Nov. 3. For tickets, call (248) 788-2900 or go to

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