Detroit native Veronica Gordon brings her experience from living in Manhattan to Detroit by helping people organize and get the most out of their wardrobes.

Featured photo courtesy of Veronica Gordon

By Susan Peck, Special to the Jewish News

Moving back from New York to Birmingham this year, wardrobe stylist and professional organizer Veronica Gordon wanted to bring all of her experience from Manhattan to her clients in Detroit.

“I learned so much from the upscale boutiques in Manhattan in the six years I lived there and see it as the best of both worlds that I can share my expertise with everyone in Metro Detroit,” Gordon, 26, says.

Originally having worked in suburban Detroit boutiques as a manager, stylist and buyer, she started Veronica’s Closets seven years ago to help clients organize their closets with the goal of maximizing their wardrobes. “I loved what I did here, but I moved to New York City in 2013 to experience what it had to offer,” Gordon says.

“Working in New York’s garment center for a wholesaler led to a position with an upscale boutique on the Upper West Side. I worked in every facet of the business for the next four years and continued to build Veronica’s Closets,” she adds.

Clear bins and labels, above and below, keep this home office organized. Courtesy of Veronica Gordon
Courtesy of Veronica Gordon

As her business grew, Gordon answered requests from her clientele to add services like personal shopping, closet evaluations, camp/vacation packing, home office organization, the growing need to help seniors to downsize or move to assisted living and more.

Today, Gordon, a Groves High School graduate, splits her time between Detroit and New York, solely dedicated to Veronica’s Closets. “I help people through all walks of life from the biggest homes to the smallest spaces,” she says. “My business has quickly grown based on referrals, that makes me very proud.

“I have a system and what I call my ‘tools’ for all my wardrobe styling, home organization and packing services. They all begin with a mandatory consultation so I can get a feel for what each individual needs —it’s not a one size fits all situation.”

One reason for her success, Gordon says, is that she is still very connected to the retail community both in the Big Apple and Detroit. Exposed to fashion early on by her mother, Shelley Gordon, who managed Roland Optics in Bloomfield Hills, and getting retail experience starting at age 14 at boutiques like Sundance Shoes in West Bloomfield, she got the drive to start a business of her own.

Today she works with many of the prominent boutiques in the Metro area. “Co-owner of Rear Ends in Bloomfield Hills, Ariana Carps, recently used my stylist services for one of their events,” Gordon says.

Gordon helps clients organize and maximize their wardrobes. Courtesy of Veronica Gordon

A fashion influencer, Gordon says she fills a growing need in her clientele’s fast-paced lives. “We are obsessed today with organizing and decluttering because it makes us feel calmer and lighter and allows us to appreciate what we have. My role is to help evaluate and manage the clutter — and I call clutter anything that doesn’t add value to your home, wardrobe or your lifestyle.”

Gordon suggests seasonal transitions are a good time to curate your wardrobe. “Transition into your fall wardrobe by bringing items like heavier sweaters and boots to the forefront of your closet,” she says. “But I also think it’s important to keep all seasons in your closet together because of today’s fashion trend of layering. Your fall wardrobe can include heavier jackets and blazers but also lighter pieces like long- sleeved tees, vests and camisoles — everything should work together because this is what builds a wardrobe.”

For upcoming holiday traveling, Gordon has some tips for organizing your suitcase: “Start from the bottom up — shoes at the bottom, then pants, shirts and outwear, if needed, on top. Also, plan outfits ahead of time and pack them together and ready to wear — so you don’t have to think about your wardrobe while on vacation.”

For camp packing, she says, “Put everything into clear, sealable bags and label them. This makes it easy for the kids to find everything and to stay organized. I use the same method for the home — clear bins and boxes with labels — so everything has a designated place and is off the floor.”

Life’s dreams have already come true for Gordon. “I get to work in my own business that includes my two passions — people and fashion,” she says.

“When I had my bat mitzvah as a member of Congregation B’nai Moshe, my party theme was ‘Veronica’s Closet.’ Now with a company by that name I get to motivate others to build and organize their wardrobes, declutter their lives or move into a new space, making room for bigger and better things.”


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