Rep. Andy Levin

Michigan Congressman Andy Levin emphasizes need for two-state solution in Israel after observing treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank.

During his trip to the West Bank earlier this week, Michigan Congressman Andy Levin expressed criticism toward Israel’s treatment of Palestinians residing in the village of Susya.

The Times of Israel reported that Levin was unhappy that Palestinians in Susya have been denied water access and that Israel has demolished Palestinians buildings in the village.

“Yesterday, I traveled to the southern West Bank, including the Palestinian village of Susya, which the Israeli government has destroyed twice and currently denies access to water,” Levin tweeted. “Yet we watched the government utility, right before our eyes, lay in pipes right across the village’s land to deliver tap water to an illegal Israeli outpost nearby.” He did not name the outpost.

Levin expressed anger about the current treatment of the Palestinians in Susya, while also acknowledging the resilience of the Palestinian community.

Levin told the Jewish News, “as I prepare to fly home from Israel, I am clearer than ever that a two-state solution is the only way to provide a secure, democratic future for our Jewish homeland alongside a state for our Palestinian neighbors. We met with everyone from Orthodox Jewish settlers to US Ambassador Friedman to Palestinian and Israeli negotiators to diplomats from many countries to Israeli and Palestinian business leaders. We laid a wreath at Yad Vashem, which was especially moving. We dug into issues faced by Israeli residents near Gaza, seeing the shells of rockets that had fallen on their town, as well as Palestinian residents of the occupied territories, who lack access to water and basic services. We got detailed briefings from the Israel Defense Forces, the founder of the model Palestinian city of Rawabi, and many others.

“Through it all, my conviction grew that we can we can help Israelis and Palestinians achieve a two-state solution and open a new era of peace and prosperity.  In the end, we met with two women, an Israeli general and Palestinian lawyer who have both worked on negotiations between the sides at the highest level for decades. Their message was clear: This is not a pipe dream, but the only practical way forward.”







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