Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse is serving up delicious steaks of various sizes and pasta dishes that are true Italian.

Photos via Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse Facebook

True steak houses, not those with minor menu mention, have again hit the taste buds of many restaurant patrons … Not that steak sales are down, but dining spots that concentrate on them seem to give the meat added attention.

Like two that opened in this area and are making their presence known … Johnny’s Italian Steakhouses, Farmington Hills (Hamilton Court between 12 Mile and Farmington Road) … and Livonia (in the Holiday Inn on Laurel Park Drive) … Both had openings in 2018 with the same menus of which they consider to be like those of the one-time, years ago Rat Pack-era of Las Vegas … Both are celebrating their first anniversaries, creating a lot of noise from steak chompers.

Their steaks, Italian selections, etc., dishes and cocktails are served in upscale, supper club environs that includes sleek bars.

Both make their own fresh Focaccia breads and desserts like crème brulee, tiramisu and limoncello cakes, along with a roasted banana cheesecake, warm chocolate cake and turtles.

Appetizers are those you’d expect an Italian steakhouse to feature … like the Italian sausage stuffed with mushrooms, toasted ravioli, etc. … as are the salads of shrimp Frangelico with toasted hazelnuts, sirloin steak tribute with gorgonzola cheese, etc.

The numerous styles of steaks are choice selections that come in varied sizes … The pasta dishes are true Italian … as are the stuffed meatloaf with chopped mushrooms, steakhouse spaghetti and other varieties.

Hours for both are … Farmington Hills, Monday-Thursday 4-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 4-11 p.m., Sunday 4-9 p.m. … Livonia, Monday-Thursday 4-10 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

You might want to try from among Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse best sellers … Chanel No. 5, Filet Oscar, Filet with Seafood Rockefeller or Johnny’s Steak de Burgo, Crusted Steak and Shrimp … or the Seafood Pasta Pomodoro.

ANY THOUGHTS THAT frozen food would never attain the heights it has reached in making mega billions of dollars and still growing sure have changed … Even in France, where an operation like Picard grocery has nothing but frozen food in its 900 stores, with nearly 2,000 items from which to select … This may sound strange because France is considered a culinary leader … and includes large numbers of elegant food for every meal of the day …

With the fast pace of today, numerous people, both men and women, seldom cook much anymore … Eating formerly frozen food has become a much-wanted way of life for many.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … (Repeat by request) … Fellow goes into a restaurant and looks over the menu. After a few minutes, the waitress comes and asks him what he’d like. The guy says, “I’d like a quickie.”

The waitress flushes and says, “That’s not funny sir. What would you like to order?”

The fellow says, “I’d really like a quickie.”

The waitress slaps him and storms off angrily.

Another customer, overhearing the conversation, leans over and says to the guy, “I think that it’s pronounced ‘quiche’!”

CONGRATS… To Amanda Andres on her birthday.

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