Josh and Joey Roberts

Father and son Joey and Josh Roberts find hope and purpose through the Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House.

Sponsored by Friendship Circle

Father and son, Joey and Josh Roberts, were introduced to the Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House when Joey’s wife began a battle with cancer in 2008.

“Josh was in law school when my wife got sick,” Joey said. “He started self-medicating to help deal with her nine-year battle with cancer. Self-medicating turned into a drug addiction.”

The Roberts family became regulars at Friendship House over the next few years. Joey and his wife attended Al-Anon meetings, and Josh attended recovery meetings and Jewish support groups there.

“Friendship House was such a blessing,” Joey said. “Many years Josh was in and out of recovery and rehabilitation centers. Because of Friendship House, he was able to finish law school.”

Three years ago, Josh’s mother died, and he sank to his lowest point. He moved to a nine-month Jewish recovery program in California that changed his life. Coming home to his support system at Friendship House, he was able to continue to integrate his Judaism and his recovery.

“It wasn’t until my mom passed away that I finally got it together,” Josh said. “Through everything, I’ve been involved with Friendship House. I went to Shabbat dinners, Thursday recovery meetings and retreats. They’ve become a family.”

Josh is celebrating three years of recovery in February. He now leads the Thursday night recovery meeting that started his journey.

Since his wife’s passing, Joey is a regular volunteer at Friendship House, cooking weekly Shabbat meals and taking his therapy dog on his visits to hospice patients and the homebound.

“I see my wife smiling through Josh’s face every day. He stands tall and is proud of himself,” Joey said. “Through the negative of addiction, we found Friendship House. And through my wife’s death, Josh found recovery.”

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