After successfully running his own food trucks, Tal Sasson achieves his dream of opening the first Pita Post brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Photos courtesy of the Pita Post

Tal Sasson, 33, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved to America almost 10 years ago. Sasson is the proud owner of the Pita Post food trucks but still held onto his dream of owning his own brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Sasson started his first Pita Post food truck in 2013, beginning his journey to restaurant ownership. Sasson took the Pita Post food truck around the state of Michigan, attending festivals, serving lunch at office complexes and providing catering. The Pita Post is also a permanent food truck at Detroit Fleat in Ferndale.

The chance to open his own brick-and-mortar restaurant finally presented itself at The Maple Theater in Bloomfield Township.

“We knew Bloomfield very well and knew that it was the best territory for our food,” Sasson said. “The owners (Jon and Lauren Goldstein) used to book our food truck for events, and they gave us the opportunity to showcase our food here, and we’re very thankful for this partnership.”

Customers came out and celebrated Sasson’s opening of the Pita Post at the Maple Theater on Nov. 20. “The turnout was better than expected and now our customers are able to enjoy our food all year-round,” Sasson said.

The Pita Post restaurant serves the same fresh and healthy “modern” Mediterranean cuisine that customers have grown to love from his food trucks. But, Sasson has spiced it up and has added some new items to the menu. He is also planning to incorporate special meals on certain days and begin hosting brunches on Sundays.

“We put our own twist on our ingredients and our presentation,” Sasson said. “We also pride ourselves on our pocket pitas, which are not like the wraps you see at most places. Our pita is also hand-crafted and is all-natural with no preservatives.”

Sasson still plans to run the Pita Post food trucks throughout the summer, but until then, be sure to check out the new brick-and-mortar.

Pita Post Hours at the Maple Cafe:
Closed Monday and Tuesday;
Wednesday- Saturday: 11a.m.–8 p.m.;
Sundays: 10 a.m–6 p.m. and

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