Vernors, Faygo Rock & Rye, ice cream floats and more are all woven through the Detroit themed dishes served up at Smith & Co.

Photos courtesy of Smith & Co. Facebook

It opened in September 2019 and, because of much praise for its simple dining creations, has become another additional “sleeper” to the ever-growing return of the one-time huge Detroit culinary must-go-to restaurants.

An easy name to remember is worth much … and what is easier than Smith?

The name Smith & Co., already noted for its small plates, sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts, became a go-to eatery of delights, with every dish having an ingredient that comes from a local producer … The clever historic Detroit theme woven into all the dishes served …. Vernors, Faygo Rock & Rye, ice cream floats, daily paczki offerings, etc. … And although not baking any breads itself, makes in-house the dough for its interesting frybread.

Located on Selden, between Second and Third, Detroit, Smith & Co. seats about 160 in the dining area for favorites like shrimp and grits, pan-seared chicken, fried chicken bowl, steak frites, etc. … along with its own fresh donuts, banana bread pudding and honey corn cakes.

A unique concrete bar seats 19 for various drinks, and dining hours are Monday to Thursday 4-11 p.m., Friday 4 p.m.-midnight, Saturday 11 a.m.-midnight and Sunday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

The accent on Detroit was one time a big selling point with the bevy of dining operations going great guns … That it has seemingly been on the verge of returning to those glory days is a blessing.

Smith & Co. is heartily welcomed, especially by the influx of new Detroit residents and the many local visitors to this region … sporting events and otherwise.

FROZEN FOOD, we are told, may be in, but it will thankfully never take the place of restaurants where men and women can sit and relax with the wonderful food that so many eateries offer.

MAIL DEPT.… From Sylvia Stone … “I hear a lot from many of my friends who, like me, love Mediterranean food but never about Mediterranean food in what are called “Impossible” products. I understand that you once wrote about it in this locality?”
(“Impossible” Mediterranean dishes can be found in this locality at Elie’s in Birmingham.)

THE NEW ADACHI restaurant in Birmingham that has been receiving so many raves is owned by Kenny Koza and Clint Mansour, bossmen of Wabeek Hospitality Group … Executive Chef Lloyd Roberts worked with world-noted Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at New York’s popular Vong restaurant with its fusing of Asian and French flavors … General Manager David Krause lives in West Bloomfield.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE…Two roaches are hanging out at a dumpster next to a restaurant enjoying “a snack” … One says to his friend, “You know that restaurant down the block? I couldn’t believe how clean it was. I could practically see my reflection through the shiny waxed floor,” he said.

The other roach, spitting the food out of his mouth, cried out, “Please, not while I’m eating!”

CONGRATS … To Dr. Glen Gardner on his birthday … to Dennis Silber on his 80th birthday.

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