These five Chanukah games for adults will make everyone laugh at your upcoming Chanukah celebration.

1. Cards Against Humanity Jew PackCards Against Humanity Store 


This 30-card expansion pack adds some Chanukah flair to any Cards Against Humanity game night. Plus, did you know that the Cards Against Humanity writers are Jewish?

2. Drink if…Hanukkah GameAmazon

This game has a dual-function! The Star of David shaped cards can be used for coasters in addition to an entertaining drinking game. Each player starts with a full drink and then takes a drink if the statements read aloud from the card apply!

3. The 8 Drinking Games of ChanukahAmazon

This party pack brings eight different drinking games to your Chanukah party! A variety of games include: “I Have a Little Drinking Dreidel,” “I am a Lushe-Latke” and much more.

4. Hanukkah Pong! – Amazon


You may know beer pong, but now you can play Hanukkah pong! The cups are placed in slots that form a shape of a menorah. Players shoot at either the light or dark groups of cups, and whichever team makes all the cups and then makes the cup with the ‘H’ on it, wins!

5. Drinking DreidelsAmazon



Drinking Dreidels is comparable to the game ‘speed quarters.’ Players will spin their dreidel, follow the instructions written on them and then pass them on!

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