Check out these five kid-friendly Chanukah games that help create quality family time during the holiday.

1. Dreidel Roulette – Amazon

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Dreidel Roulette is an exciting game based completely on chance. The game consists of three rounds, and each player has one turn per round. The goal is to spin the dreidel and knock the balls into the holes without letting any leave the playing surface! There are multiple ways to score, allowing all players to get creative!

2. Chanukah Bingo – Amazon

Chanukah Bingo is the perfect game for the whole family to play at family parties! The colorful dreidel-themed boards provide an educational and fun way to keep the kids entertained.

3. Maccabees Board Game – Amazon

Maccabees takes your child back in time to around 164 BCE at the battle against Nicanor. Players must lead a team of Maccabees to obtain enough oil to light the menorah, but they must act quickly due to enemy soldiers eager to spoil their plans!

4. Hanukkah Mad Libs – Amazon

This edition of Mad Libs allows your child to create up to 21 stories all about the “Festival of Lights!” Mad Libs allows is a great way to create one-of-a-kind stories that are a sure way to get everyone laughing during the holiday.

5. Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Foam Chanukah House Kit – Amazon

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This art kit includes four individually wrapped art sets with supplies for kids to create their own Chanukah house! All the pieces are self-adhesive, so there is no-mess to clean up after. It even includes glitter foam!

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