Lubavitch Yeshiva, International School for Chabad Leadership, celebrated Chanukah with their annual Car-Top Menorah Parade.

Photography by Aaron Tobin

To celebrate the 2019 Chanukah season, the Lubavitch Yeshiva, International School for Chabad Leadership, held its annual Car-Top Menorah Parade departing from the Zekelman campus in Oak Park, traveling to Southfield City Hall and culminating in a grand menorah lighting and festivities.

Refreshments and music entertained participants while students mounted menorahs on more than 70 cars.

The car parade is part of Chabad’s worldwide Chanukah campaign, an initiative launched by the Rebbe, the late Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, in 1973. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Rebbe’s leadership.

Student Yisroel Polter said, “Because the Rebbe’s teachings are our inspiration, with this 70th anniversary, we decided to reach a goal that everyone thought impossible.”

More than 70 cars illuminated the way to celebrate Chanukah at Southfield City Hall. Aaron Tobin
Students Levi Shmotkin, Yosef Sasonkin and Baruch Shemtov served jelly doughnuts. Aaron Tobin
State Police lead the annual Chanukah car parade. Aaron Tobin