With anti-Semitism on the rise, JCRC/AJC invites the community to participate in the #JewishandProud initiative on Jan. 6.

On Monday, Jan. 6, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and its local regional office, Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC (JCRC/AJC) asks the community to participate in the AJC #JewishandProud initiative.

At a time where anti-Semitic rhetoric and incidents are on the rise, the initiative is a way for Jews and community members of all backgrounds to proudly stand in solidarity.

“Enough is enough. We will not shy away from publicly displaying, celebrating our Jewish identity and faith,” said AJC CEO David Harris in a press release. “The most visible of our brethren have become the number one targets, but if any Jew anywhere is attacked for being a Jew, we must all respond in total support and solidarity.”

All participants are encouraged to:

  1. Wear a kippah, a necklace with a Jewish symbol or anything that they feel publicly identifies their Jewish faith.
  2. Post a photo on social media using the hashtag #JewishandProud. The AJC also encourages participants to write a statement explaining why they are proud to be Jewish.
  3. Use the #JewishandProud sign in the photos!
#JewishandProud Sign

Participants don’t have to be Jewish to be involved with this initiative. People can still post photos on their social media outlets and share what their goals are in 2020 to help support the Jewish community.

AJC will then take some of the most pride-filled photos and share them for the community to see!

If you would like to participate in the initiative, you can sign up at www.AJC.org/jewish-and-proud and print out their custom #JewishandProud sign.