Big Tommy’s Parthenon in Novi celebrates eight years of serving up authentic Greek dishes and American-style seafood.

Photos courtesy of Big Tommy’s

A local dining legend many people remember and continue to enjoy not only has the restaurant named for him but also helps carry on his highly respected name.

This is the years-ago owner of the Parthenon and New Parthenon Greek eateries in Greektown, Detroit, and co-owner of former Big Daddy’s Parthenon, West Bloomfield, that closed because of internal problems.

When his son, Andrew (Andy) Stylianou, who grew up in the restaurants with his dad, was only 18 years old, he worked as chef at Dimitri’s in Trenton … and around age 20 when working for his future father-in-law, Tom Peristeris, waiting tables … Then he opened his own restaurants.

When Andy’s wife, Elena, who worked with her dad Tom since she was 12, and Andy came across an opportunity to buy and open a Greek restaurant in 2012, both immediately decided to name it Big Tommy’s Parthenon … on Grand River, near 12 Mile, between Haggerty and Meadowbrook, Novi.

Andy and Elena Stylianou and Tom Peristeris Big Tommy’s

Along with Tom’s influence, guidance and recipes, they brought in a highly skilled chef from Greektown to head the kitchen … and to also journey daily in the early morning to Eastern Market to hand-pick the vegetables, meats, etc.

Now going into its eighth anniversary, Big Tommy’s Parthenon has become highly noted for its authentic Greek dishes, many from old family recipes, and its American-style seafood selections.

Best sellers include lamb chops, Lamb Riganato, grape leaves, grilled octopus, stuffed chicken, etc.

Big Tommy’s makes its own Parthenon Cake, (pineapple custard) baklava, Greek custard, Greek yogurt and chocolate mousse.

Hours are seven days … Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday, 10 a.m.-11 p.m., Saturday. 8 a.m.- 11 p.m., Sunday, 8 a.m.- 9 p.m. … Seating is 200 in the restaurant and another 200 in its lower level Comedy Club and Banquet Room … A bar has 15 stools … The Comedy Club, with live performers on Friday and Saturday evenings, is $15 per person, depending on the performer … and a limited menu show package is $27.

Big Tommy’s Parthenon is a Greek dining winner … named after a very well-liked person, whose many times proud presence with his son-in-law and daughter is a wonderful delight … So is the food!

ADVICE TO restaurant owners … If sport banners are displayed, do not favor one or the other team … Put up those of both squads or suffer the loss of customers … regardless of how good your food may be.

QUESTION & ANSWER DEPT. … “I have a dinner bet with Alvin Selegman. He says he remembers when Sonny Eliot was in the restaurant business. When Al loses, he will take me and my wife, Joyce, for a good steak dinner. Where should we go?” … Sam Tuchman.
(You’re taking him, Sam. Former weathercaster Sonny (Marvin Schlossberg) Eliot used to have Sonny’s Weather Station Lounge & Restaurant at the Detroit City Airport. Plenty of good places to have a fine steak.)

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … The man moaned about the doctor’s fee. “I can’t pay that much,” he said.

So the doctor set a lower fee. The fellow said it still was too much, and the doctor asked why he was there to see him when he couldn’t afford his price.

“Listen, Doc,” said the man, “when it comes to my health, money is no object.”

CONGRATS … To Jerry Parr on his birthday … To Ethel Komer on her birthday.




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