Andrew Lapin, Jewish News managing editor

Jewish News taps new managing editor Andrew Lapin to bring a fresh perspective to the publication.

In recent months, I’ve shared with you how the media industry is undergoing fundamental change. Since 2004, more than 2,100 newspapers have ceased to exist, with hundreds more expected to close their doors this year. Though not immune from these very troubling trends, your Jewish News has continued to try as best it can to meet your information needs as it transitions to a more sustainable non-profit business model.

Today, more people are reading Jewish News content than at any time in its almost 78-year history. That’s because in addition to the readers of our print edition, our website,, and social media audiences continue to grow. With many media outlets now smaller and narrowly focused, the Jewish News provides a common thread of information — via print and digital — that still serves to bring us together.

With behemoths Google and Facebook slurping up more than 85 percent of all digital advertising globally — accelerating the steep decline in print advertising revenue that serves as the historic financial backbone for newspapers — providing content that readers value is paramount. To put it another way, the Jewish News must credibly cover more stories that matter to you, provide them throughout the day for you to see on your phone and/or computer and package them (and other content) into a weekly printed product. In return, it will be essential that you value this content enough to pay for it.

On Jan. 27, the Jewish News will welcome a new editor, Andrew Lapin, to thoughtfully, holistically and purposefully expand and integrate our digital and print offerings and make our information even more valuable to you. He brings fresh eyes, energy, strong interpersonal skills and keen writing and editing capabilities to this, the Detroit Jewish community in which he was raised.

A rising star in the professional journalism world, Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan’s Creative Writing program and his master’s from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, with a specialization in media innovation and entrepreneurship. He has spent much of his career researching and formulating digital strategies for mission-driven media. He has worked at many publications, including NPR, Current and San Francisco’s KQED. Andrew will lead our dedicated editors and pool of veteran writers while also cultivating and developing new talent to meet your information needs. He represents an investment in our present and our future.

In the coming weeks, you will hear from Andrew directly — online and in print. Anchored by the Jewish News mission statement, he will share with you an exciting vision for how we will better serve our community — and you. Expect to see Andrew at events, in coffee shops, attending synagogue services across the denominational spectrum … you might even see him giving out slices of seven-layer cake outside of your favorite gathering place as a way to meet you and hear your views on, well, practically anything.

Thank you for your continuing readership. Thank you for recognizing that the Jewish News and all legacy print media are confronted by severe financial challenges. Thank you for recognizing that subscription revenue and other forms of financial support from you, our readers, is essential for us to continue to serve our community. And thank you again for joining me in welcoming Andrew as editor of the Jewish News.


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