Tsippi Gross is a wife, mother of three, executive coach and fashion brand founder. Through her company Havah Tribe, Tsippi provides maternity-and nursing-friendly apparel for moms, as well as practical tips, tricks and hacks for her online community. As host and founder of The Stunning Success podcast, focused on helping professionals take their business online, Tsippi takes the work done in her private coaching and mastermind sessions to the masses. She encourages people to challenge the limits they’ve created for themselves, set bigger goals, and achieve more joy and impact than they ever thought possible.

As the wife of Rabbi Noam Gross, Tsippi is involved with the growth and development of the Partners Detroit Young Jewish Professionals Division. Hosting Shabbat and holiday meals regularly and opening her home to Jews of all backgrounds, Tsippi regularly connects with the up-and-coming leaders of the Detroit Jewish community, but most people would be surprised to learn she considers herself an introvert. “I’m not shy, which people assume introverts are, but I get recharged being in my own space,” she says.

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