Taste of China serves up unique Chinese dishes.

Taste of China in Farmington Hills is known for their delicious and unique Chinese dishes.

Photos courtesy of Taste of China

When a conversation of culinary nature is many times leaning toward authenticity in dining, the question comes up as to where it can be gotten … And in so many instances it pertains to Chinese selections.

Among them in our midst is Taste of China, Middlebelt Road, off 12 Mile, Farmington Hills, whose claim is being totally different from the current Chinese dishes served in America … although such Chinese cuisine comes in many different ways with the vast number of provinces within China itself.

Taste of China serves up unique Chinese dishes.

Taste of China serves up unique Chinese dishes.

Taste of China serves up unique Chinese dishes.

A most important reason is that the kitchen at Taste of China is headed by a person who was formerly a top chef in his sector of China … and is steeped in that presentation.

When Taste of China opened in 1996, its authenticity became known in dishes like colored eggplant, chef beef, Chinese cauliflower in dry pot, sweet T-bone steak from an old secret Chinese recipe, etc. … Although some of the dishes served at Taste of China may sound familiar, they are highly steeped in authenticity.

The selections are huge … with noted names and many with new elegant tastes … from West Lake Beef Soup to fish in hot chili sauce to Chili Chicken, etc.

Taste of China is open seven days, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. … Seating is for 200, including a bar with 20 seats.

Authenticity is difficult in the presentation of Chinese dining … there are so many different regions …. Taste of China is strikingly favored among the best in Michigan.

THOSE WHO REMEMBER dancing to the rhythms of Big Bands every Saturday afternoon in one-time Hotel Statler’s Terrace Room … among many other folks with eyes of much nostalgia … is breaking news here that it will be the site of Joe Vicari’s latest restaurant … To be called Statler Bistro … in Detroit’s new City Club Apartments, Washington Boulevard and Grand Circus Park, owned by Jonathan Holtzman, grandson of the late Joe Holtzman, whose Jewish charitable work is remembered by many (staunch Israel supporter, Jewish Federation, United Jewish Appeal, Allied Jewish Campaign, etc., etc.) … The dining spot by Joe Vicari … his present eatery No. 23 … will be an American and French restaurant … opening in the fall of this year … Stay tuned.

AFTER NOT BEING satisfied with his book The Hill That Grew ending up second in the 2019 Midwest Publishers Awards, Jerry Naftaly, former Oak Park mayor, has written a new version with more pictures, etc. … Jerry is also working on a book about his former years as Oak Park mayor and says he may run again in 2021.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE… A Jewish man and Chinese gentleman were conversing … The Jewish gent commented upon what a wise people the Chinese are.

“Yes,” replied the Chinese man, “our culture is almost 5,000 years old. But you Jews are a very wise people, too.”

The Jewish man said, “Yes, our culture is more than 6,000 years old.”

“That’s impossible,” said the Chinese gent. “Where did your people eat for a thousand years?”

CONGRATS… To Peter Ginopolis on his birthday.

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