Daniel “Danny” Rosenberg, 35, of Franklin is a senior account executive at LinkedIn. He is part of LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions organization, working with its top enterprise, strategic and high-growth clients to create custom marketing programs. After working in Silicon Valley and Chicago, he has brought his talents back home to Detroit.

He is passionate about leveraging his skillset to help Jewish Detroit professionals navigate the LinkedIn network and enhance the way they market themselves. He’s partnered with both JVS and NEXTGen Detroit to further promote this goal.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Danny embarked on a year-long Masa program, Otzma. He also spent time living and working in Israel. Of the 30+ countries he has visited, Israel remains closest to his heart. He continues to build his connections with Israel by visiting as frequently as possible and by participating in the Jewish Federation’s Israeli partnerships. His family hosts Israeli Tamarack campers every year. Danny is a proud board member of The Well and part of The Well’s inaugural young family Shabbat group.

In his free time, Danny loves spending time with his wife, Amanda, and running around with his energetic sons, Nathan and Noah, and his dog, Lulav.



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