From our new editor: The Jewish News is on the hunt for new talent to add to our growing contributors’ network.

It has been a hectic first week of learning and growing on the job for me at the JN. But it’s all challenging for a very good reason: There’s just so much going on in the Detroit Jewish community. Far too much for any one person to keep up with.

Thankfully, we are not just one person. In addition to our small yet mighty team of full-time and part-time editorial staffers, we also have a network of paid local freelance writers and reporters, whom we rely on to go out into the community and tell the stories of Jewish Detroit that need to be told. And I would very much like to expand that network.

Of the many improvements and investments we hope to make during the JN’s multiyear “Bridge to the Future” campaign, bringing on new freelancers and paying them fairly is a big priority for me. As a former full-time freelance writer myself, I truly do appreciate the value of a reliable stringer, and I think the Jewish community would greatly benefit from some new voices able to tackle different kinds of stories from different perspectives. Plus, I just think a great publication first and foremost needs great stories and great people to tell them.

So if you have some experience in deadline-driven news and features writing — or know of friends, family or colleagues in the Detroit area who do — I’d love to talk to you about contributing paid pieces to the JN. Especially if you are a fellow young professional writer or a college student interested in pursuing a career in journalism, please reach out. The next generation of Metro Detroit’s Jewish community will, in part, be shaped by the voices that appear in the JN. Let’s talk.

That’s the value we bring as a publication: We have the kind of space and editorial independence that other local Jewish newsrooms across the country can only dream about. And we will retain that for as long as our readership is willing to support our endeavors.

As our Publisher Arthur Horwitz frequently says, the JN “punches well above its weight.”

We’re like the Jewish Rocky: the Chai of the Tiger. Want to punch with us?

If you’re interested in contributing, I’d love it if you could send me two or three previous writing samples and a brief note about your subject interests. Email with the subject line “JN Contributor.” We have a particular need for Southeast Michigan-based freelancers, but will also consider writers based elsewhere who have some knowledge of the Metro Detroit Jewish community. We’d love to have you on board.


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