David Coulter, Oakland County executive; Paul Blatt, executive vice president/COO of JVS Human Services; Jillian Geyman, director, Oakland County Michigan Works! Waterford; James Willis, vice president, workforce development and rehabilitation, JVS Human Services; Jennifer Llewellyn, manager for workforce development in Oakland County; and Gary Wall, Waterford Township supervisor.

Waterford aimed to help Michiganders seeking jobs with career development workshops, job training.

Featured photo by JVS Human Services

Oakland County Michigan Works! opened its new service center in Waterford Feb. 6. The center will support more than 2,600 job seekers a month. It will be managed by JVS Human Services.

“Building on the successful relationship between JVS Human Services and Oakland County Workforce Development, our new initiative at Oakland County Michigan Works! Waterford gives us yet another pipeline for helping jobseekers from all backgrounds in northern Oakland County,” Paul Blatt, executive vice president/COO of JVS Human Services, told the JN. “In addition, we are looking forward to helping meet the needs of the employer community by providing the necessary skilled workers.”

The new service center offers a variety of career development workshops. Counselors also arrange formal training for qualified job seekers, leveraging federal and state funding. The office is establishing partnerships with local school districts and other groups to create career pathway programs, job readiness training opportunities and on-the-job training programs with local employers.

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