The gourmet market is a staple in Metro Detroit, with one of the best chefs around.

Featured photo courtesy of Nino Salvaggio

Not only is Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace celebrating its 40th anniversary … It is also celebrating having one of the most prestigious chefs in this region of the country … West Bloomfield resident Pete Loren, whose kitchen magic in upscale restaurants had once received many notable commendations for elegant dining successes … Opus One, Detroit, Epoch Restaurant Group that included Birmingham’s Forte, the elegant Tribute in Farmington Hills and the original London Chop House.

Now operated by Nino’s family, son Leo Salvaggio, daughter Andrea and son-in-law Frank Nicolella, and company president Kirk Taylor, Nino Salvaggio’s is also noted as a culinary gem of numerous head chefs and counterparts who make their usual visits for dining preparation needs … Like Paul Grosz, owner/head chef of his very fine French Cuisine on Lothrop, east of the Fisher Theater, Detroit … and many others.

Nino Salvaggio kosher section
By Jerry Zolynsky
Nino Salvaggio fruits and vegetables
Courtesy of Nino Salvaggio
By Jerry Zolynsky

As Nino Salvaggio’s director of culinary development for its four locations … Bloomfield, Troy, St. Clair Shores and Clinton Township … Pete has been on board heading the Salvaggio culinary arms since 2003 … and responsible for its gourmet popcorn made-in-house and the Northern Smoke barbecue sauces, etc. … Also using his back-of-the-house experience by designing the Salvaggio commissary at the Troy location, where the staff daily makes soups, sauces, breads and Nino’s Take & Bake pizza.

The Troy Salvaggio market has a coffee bar, and Bloomfield and Clinton boast small cafes.
Pete’s culinary genius was once responsible for his obtaining gastronomic degrees from Oakland Community College and the ultra-excellent Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

Having someone like Pete Loren to head its excellent food division is a feather in the cap of a highly respected Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace.

MAIL DEPT. … “I have a bet with my husband. He says that Sammy Lieberman owned the Raleigh House alone. Did he?

(No, he was one of 10 partners.)

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Morris had fled his native country and sold his assets and made five sets of solid gold dentures with his cash, well above the limit he could bring into the United States.

When he arrived in New York, the customs officer asked why anybody would want five sets of gold dentures. Morris explained, “Jews who keep kosher have two sets of gold dentures. Jews who keep kosher have two sets of dishes for meat and dairy. But I am so religious I also have two sets of teeth.”

The customs officer said, “Well, that accounts for two sets of teeth. What about the other three?”

Morris replied, “Very religious Jews use separate dishes for Passover as example. But I am so Orthodox I have separate teeth for Passover meat and Passover dairy food.”

The customs official shook his head and said, “You must be a man of very strong faith to have separate teeth. That accounts for four sets of teeth. What about the fifth set?”

Morris looks around and spoke softly, “To tell the truth, once in a while I like a ham sandwich.”

CONGRATS … To Dr. Leonard Aronovitz on his birthday.



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