The Trump administration approved credentials for an “organization that thrives on hate.”

President Trump’s deplorable and shameful political relationship with anti-Semitism recently took another troubling turn.

Last month the Trump administration approved press credentials for coverage of the Jan. 21-24 Davos conference in Switzerland for a website, TruNews, which, according to its Facebook page, is a network “reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus.” Its founder, a pastor named Rick Wiles from Vero Beach, Florida, described the impeachment of Trump on his website as a “Jew coup” planned by a “Jewish cabal.”

“That’s the way Jews work,” Wiles said in a podcast. “They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda.

“The American people better wake up to it really fast, [because] when Jews take over a country, they kill millions of Christians,” he said.

The press credentials gave TruNews — an organization that thrives on hate — legitimacy. As Kyle Mantyla, a senior fellow at the progressive advocacy group People for the American Way, stated: “It’s a validation of their work.” TruNews “sees it as the White House being on their side,” he said.

Wiles recognized that the credentials were an implied endorsement of its work and beliefs, saying, “We want to thank President Trump and the White House for extending the invitation to be here … representing the kingdom of heaven and our king Jesus Christ.”
The criticism came quickly, with Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), tweeting, “Unacceptable is an understatement.”

U.S. Representatives Ted Deutch, D-Florida, and Elaine Luria, D-Virginia, sent a critical letter to the White House in which they said, “An extremist website that frequently attacks Jews and other minorities has no place in the White House … Please let us know how this anti-Semitic purveyor of hate received access to the White House and what steps are being taken to ensure no similar group is ever recognized at the White House again.”

Deutch and Luria said they did not receive a reply. Neither did the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA), which also inquired about the credentials.

Jonathan Karl, WHCA president, said in a statement it was puzzling that TruNews would receive credentials while the administration has, at times, revoked press access to legitimate news organizations such as CNN and the Washington Post.

Wiles has also maintained that Israel and the “Jewish mafia” murdered President John F. Kennedy, and another edition of his podcast claimed Israel and the “synagogue of Satan” are pushing the United States to fight wars on their behalf.

Giving legitimacy to a “media” organization such as TruNews, which also has a history of spreading conspiracy theories and proclaiming an imminent apocalypse, is unpardonable and condemnable.

Not only does accrediting TruNews enhance its reputation but — need it be said? — it diminishes the White House. It is, in short, inexplicable.

It is hard to grasp that representatives of hate and bigotry are recognized by any president and given a seat at the table with the most powerful man in the country.

During the Davos conference, it was business as usual for TruNews, which covered Trump’s speech in a favorable light as well as the “predictions of war and revolution made by infamous billionaire George Soros.”

The White House did not defend its action pertaining to TruNews. The reason: There is no defense.

Berl Falbaum is a veteran political journalist, and author of 11 books, including Not One Normal Day, Trumpedia: A Tome of Scandal, Lies, Corruption and Much More.

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