Restricting visitor access and cancelling meetings are designed to safeguard a vulnerable population from illness.

With two confirmed cases for the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan, Jewish Senior Life (JSL) is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of all their residents.

According to Jo Rosen, Executive Director of Development at JSL, they are currently cancelling meetings at their buildings and asking visitors to only come to see residents if they are healthy.

“To protect the health of our residents, we are asking visitors to come healthy or not at all,” Rosen said. “Only essential visits will be permitted by health care providers or personal care providers, including families that deliver personal care.”

The Norma Jean and Edward Meer Apartments in West Bloomfield, located on the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Jewish Community Campus, are cancelling all of their events for the month of March.

Since March 3, JSL has been meeting with health care professionals to better prepare themselves to activate emergency guidelines once the virus hit Michigan. JSL houses more than 1,000 residents between its West Bloomfield and Oak Park campuses.

Seniors are considered by experts to be an especially vulnerable group to the virus.

You can learn more about the JSL’s COVID-19 guidelines on their website.


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