Diners can find new appetizers, feature items and more at this West Bloomfield staple.

Because they are listed high among America’s catalogues of neighborhood restaurants, the better ones are continually written or told about because of their customer-satisfaction dedication.

Having anniversaries of length offers an impact on receiving customer attention … Doing business for years is important … It is a salient factor in the choice selections of dining emporiums by many advocates of family-owned and operated restaurants.

On the 16th anniversary of G Georges Restaurant, Northwestern Highway, south of Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield, many eyes have been opened with the new selections now available on its menu at both lunch and dinner.

George's Restaurant Celebrates Sweet 16
Via g Georges Facebook
George's Restaurant Celebrates Sweet 16
Via g Georges Facebook

Appetizer additions of Bang Bang Shrimp or spinach and artichoke dip, arugula salad and crispy chicken blackberry salad among the 15 new items to choose from now, Braised Beef Short Ribs, beef liver and onions, etc.

Entrees include soup or salad and choice of two additional items … potatoes, vegetables or rice pilaf.

Still available is the big favorite of 14-ounce prime rib with all its side trimmings … $14.95 … Saturdays from 5 p.m.

Being a family-operated restaurant speaks for itself … So much attention is given to its customers … Zef Palookaj, co-owner with George Lucaj, enjoys the presence of his mother, Mire, making her delicious rice pudding, chocolate cake and big favorite carrot cake … His two sisters, Laura and Elizabeth, are servers as needed with smiling and courteous ways doing various chores and also when working the carry-out department.

George's Restaurant Celebrates Sweet 16
Via g Georges Facebook
George's Restaurant Celebrates Sweet 16
Via g Georges Facebook

And being his own executive chef, Zef is certain that he and his other kitchen help prepare the lunches and dinners with complete customer satisfaction … so very important in a highly regarded family restaurant.

AFTER MANY YEARS of dedicated service among the top executive chefs of this region, Bill Hall has retired as kitchen head at Andiamo West, Telegraph and Maple, Bloomfield … New executive chef is Mark Casadei, who isn’t waiting for spring to bring a couple of new dishes to the menu… A couple of Andiamo firsts, a 14-ounce bone-in filet and brick-roasted chicken … On the server side, you can no longer buy an ad in the Jewish News from our recent waitress there, Laurel Swartz, but she will bring you a wonderful meal at Andiamo West … Laurel has been a waitress at Andiamo about three years … and around 25 years ago was a sales gal at the JN before going to TV Channel 50 as a sales executive … Big news from the column about Joe Vicari with his number of present eateries at 23 still in operation … opening a new establishment at the former Hotel Statler, Washington Boulevard and Grand Circus Park … Bistro Statler … has created much excitement … Especially when it is also the new apartment of Jonathan Holtzman, grandson of big Jewish community stalwart, the late Joe Holtzman.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … Fellow started telling his joke. “Two elderly Jews were …”
Someone asked, “Why do so many jokes begin with Jews?”

The teller apologized and said, “Two elderly Chinese men were going to the synagogue to see their rabbi.”

CONGRATS … To Al Winkler on his birthday … To Sandy Hermanoff on her birthday.

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