Detroit Jewish News Foundation exhibit, “The Holocaust Unfolds: Reports from the Detroit Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News” at U of Michigan-Dearborn
Arthur Horwitz, Publisher, Detroit Jewish News, speaks to the audience.

Please support our publication as we transition to nonprofit, community ownership.

Over the years, I’ve learned that as publisher of the Jewish News I have lots of partners.
You are the ones who call to scold me about a story or advertisement you find offensive: “Mr. Horwitz, WE cannot have that kind of story in OUR Jewish News.”

Have a handyman you found through a Jewish News ad who didn’t perform adequately? “Mr. Horwitz (for some reason, they always say ‘Mr.’), WE cannot have that kind of (fill in the blank — plumber, electrician, handyman, heating and cooling guy, roofer, landscaper) in OUR Jewish News.”

These days in the media industry, the “partners” are often vulture capitalists: investors who buy controlling positions in newspapers, squeeze costs, decimate newsrooms and pay fat dividends rather than reinvesting in the communities they are supposed to serve.

Yes, dramatic changes are disrupting all facets of the media industry. And to my most important partners, I’ve shared that OUR Jewish News is not exempt from these trends. You know that since 2004, more than 2,100 newspapers across America have ceased to exist as print advertising, the backbone of the industry, has eroded. And that just two mega-businesses, Google and Facebook, gobble up 87% of all digital advertising dollars.

Meanwhile, OUR Jewish News — thanks to a combination of print and digital readership — now reaches more people than at any other time in its 78-year history. Here are eye-popping numbers from Google Analytics that illustrate OUR rapidly growing online presence: In February of 2019, WE logged 72,376 pageviews on OUR website. In February of 2020, that number jumped to 132,369. That’s an 83% year-over-year growth. And nearly half of those accessing the site are under the age of 45, many of them OUR children and grandchildren; some who now live out of state but want to remain connected to Jewish Detroit.

Well, partners, for the Jewish News to continue to serve, inform, engage and connect OUR community requires a transition to a nonprofit, community ownership model. The independent Detroit Jewish News Foundation is emerging from the quiet phase of a critical “Bridge to the Future” campaign to secure the funds needed to help the Jewish News succeed in this transition. WE are collectively reaching out to you today, YOUR Jewish News partners, to join us in this important task. WE are listed on pages 34 and 35.

Please join us! Assist the Jewish News in its transition to nonprofit, community ownership. Support independent, credible journalism for Jewish Detroit. Assure the newest chapters in the ongoing story of our community are captured and shared. And now through May 1, your tax-deductible gift will qualify for a match from the William Davidson Foundation. Visit and click the donate button. Or, if you prefer, call me directly at (248) 351-5172. You already do for so many other things! After all, WE are partners in the future of OUR Jewish News.