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This Ann Arbor restaurant is reminiscent of street food restaurants executive chef Thad Gilles experienced in Indonesia.

Through the years, there have been restaurants where the chefs who own the eateries silently hold hidden dreams in their minds of another culinary ambition they would someday enjoy owning.

That ambition finally came true for Executive Chef Thad Gilles, who last summer opened his new vision with partner and brother Ryan … Both also operate the fine dining eatery Logan, which is still open in Ann Arbor.

The new restaurant going over like gangbusters is called Chow Asian Street Food in Ann Arbor … on Liberty between First and Ashley avenues … with service of freshly made of 100 percent Asian-driven Indonesian, Korean, China, etc., gourmet fast food … like the Asian street food restaurants in Indonesia where he studied … Thad returned here to be executive chef 10 years ago at Zingerman’s, then left for New York’s Lespinasse restaurant among others and returned to Ann


Via Chow Asian Street Food Facebook

Arbor to open Logan with his brother, where Thad makes many of the Asian sauces, etc., during the day for Chow and is Logan’s executive chef in the evening.

Thad’s Asian bowls are exceptional … A huge treat … Eight elegant bowls, Szechuan Chicken, Chinese noodles, Chinese buns, soups, dumplings, Korean rice cake and many other street foods, salads, drinks, new and different sandwiches, made-on-premises.
Making Asian sauces in the morning and elegant choice foods in the evening, both at Logan, sounds like quite a chore … Thad loves it … His dream has been fulfilled in a big way.

Chow seats 55 … and is open seven days a week, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
While choice music plays overhead, the new Chow Asian Street Food restaurant is giving its customers a rare and most delicious treat … with a selection that is not often, if ever, seen … mentioning some of the best interesting, fresh, flavorful, excellently spiced (or not) food that can be found anywhere.

Via Chow Asian Street Food Facebook

REARVIEW MIRROR … After finding a spot on Woodward in Royal Oak years ago to open a delicatessen, next came the difficult task of finding a name when Phil Menkowitz remarked that he was going to serve everything on an onion roll … “That’s it! Why not call it the Onion Roll Deli!” yelled his wife … So, the 24- or 25-seat delicatessen had its name … but was never restricted to onion rolls only.

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