Courtesy of Beaumont Royal Oak

The Levys GoFundMe campaign provides hospital workers with a warm meal during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With hospitals and medical staff in Michigan working tirelessly to help patients recover and battle the coronavirus, brothers Maverick and Jett Levy of Bloomfield Hills began a GoFundMe page to raise money to provide free meals for these “unsung heroes.” 

The Levy brothers launched their GoFundMe page late Monday night. After just three days, their campaign surpassed their $5,000 goal. They’ve now set a new goal of $7,500, and raised nearly $7,000 to date. The brothers also created a Facebook page called “Heroes at Hospitals,” where they share pictures and updates from the medical staff receiving donations. 

The idea came to Maverick, 21, and Jett, 14, after they spoke to their aunt, who is a nurse at Beaumont hospital in Royal Oak. She mentioned to the boys that her sister had dropped off meals to their staff, and how having food brought to them allowed them not to worry about going out and grabbing food when they were needed to tend to patients. 

“After hearing how happy it made our aunt and the rest of the staff, we decided to start the campaign so we could create one less stressor for the doctors, nurses, and all other hospital staff,” Maverick said 

The donations received through their campaign go directly to purchasing meals for hospital staff. The brothers delivered their first meal to Beaumont in Royal Oak on Tuesday, consisting of two varieties of salads, hot dogs, beans and chips. 

“We are obtaining our food from a bunch of different restaurants in the area, but also being mindful that the food should be individually wrapped,” Maverick said. “Not only are we helping out the hospital staff — we are also helping out restaurants that are in desperate need of some business during this time.” 

Courtesy of Maverick Levy

After a successful first delivery, the Levys are focused on expanding their service to more hospitals in the area. 

“We are now expanding our campaign to reach more hospitals instead of just Beaumont in Royal Oak,” Maverick said. “We are trying to make connections at other locations, and people have even been messaging our social media account, Heroes at Hospitals, letting us know about other hospitals in the area who are accepting these donations.” 

While hospitals are running out of supplies and beds, the brothers hope that providing them meals will make them feel appreciated.  

“This is a small thing to do, but it is such a benefit for our hospital staff who are risking their lives to help save others,” Maverick said. “Since we don’t have access to medical supplies they need, this is just a small way for our community to come together to make sure our hospital staff is nourished.” 

Courtesy of Maverick Levy

If you would like to donate to help provide meals for hospital staff, you can do so on their GoFundMe page. 


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