Detroit Public TV offers a documentary honoring the local Jewish legacy.

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Detroit Public TV celebrated the Jewish community on March 15 with a special night to honor the rich legacy of a group that has had such a significant impact on the history and progress of this city and nation.

DPTV’s Jewish Heritage Night featured two remarkable documentaries, interviews with special guests — including Oscar-winning filmmaker Sue Marx — and other surprises as DPTV celebrated all things Jewish, in true Detroit style.

It was a wonderful night, as we captured the enduring spirit of the Jewish people who have meant so much to Detroit.

Telling the true stores of Detroit – in all its stunning and spectacular diversity is what we do best and what we love to do at Detroit Public TV.

One of the two documentaries shown on Jewish Heritage Night, “Detroit Remember When: The Jewish Community,” is now available to watch online at Award-winning producers Sue Marx and Allyson Rockwell offered this rich retrospective of Jewish life in Detroit as part of DPTV’s beloved series of documentaries on local history.

The film traces the roots of Jews in this city from the 1700’s with the arrival of the first Jewish fur trader in Detroit and culminates with the importance of Jewish leadership in the political, civil rights, arts, cultural and educational life of the region today.

Detroit Public TV offers a documentary honoring the local Jewish legacy

The film features interviews and archival footage of Detroit leaders such as Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Sander Levin, Joe Nederlander, Max Fisher and many others in this entertaining and enriching documentary for Jews and non-Jews alike.

For the 10th anniversary of the documentary, DPTV invited Sue Marx to discuss the experience and the process of producing the film, and the community’s reaction to it. Marx grew up in Indiana, moving to Detroit after college.

“I learned a lot about the Detroit Jewish community that I didn’t know,” Marx said. “But that’s also what I heard from many other people who saw the film.

“It important to be able to tell our story, particularly at a time like this when anti-Semitism is on the rise.”

Jewish Heritage Night is part of the March pledge campaign at DPTV, during which people all over Southeast Michigan — from every community — call to support their local public television station.

It’s an opportunity to pay tribute to the Jewish legacy of Detroit, while raising funds to develop even more of this great community content and engagement.

To pledge your support, please call 800-859-9887 or contribute any time at

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