Lots of time to pass these days? Fill them up with fun, enriching (and delicious) activities for the holiday.

Matzah House from epicurious.com

Courtesy of epicurious.com

Gather up the family for an architectural feat (or feast): Kendra Vizcaino-Lico created this yummy tropical Matzah House for Epicurious (find full instructions here). Or try your hand using a rectangular piece of cardboard, five sheets of matzah, peanut butter as mortar (if you don’t eat kitniot, try cashew or almond butter), matzah crackers, toothpicks and an assortment of kosher-for-Passover candies and chocolates, such as jelly fruit slices and rings.


Passover Story Character Puppets

Courtesy of With Love, Ima

Re-enact the story of Passover with Passover Story Character Puppets. Visit Withloveima.com for free printables, have your kids color them in, cut them out and paste to a craft stick. If you’re in the mood for more, check out the same site’s 10 Plague Puppets from last year.


Passover in a Box

Courtesy of Days United

There’s something for everyone — and everyone to do together — in the Days United Passover in a Box. Inside, a wooden seder plate unfolds to become a puzzle; a color-and-read illustrated story of the Exodus; a 10 Plagues Memory Game; and, of course, a super-easy-to-follow interactive Haggadah (scan and listen to the songs and see related videos), illustrated by Israeli artist Ruth Gwili. Daysunited.com.


Biblebeltbalabusta.com lego creation

Courtesy of Bible Belt Balabusta

As Joanna Brichetto says on her blog, Biblebeltbalabusta.com, “LEGO doesn’t ‘do’ Jewish.” So, through exploration with her kids and hacks (read: creative modification), she created this Minifig Seder Table. Take a day, or more, to sort through all those LEGOs with your kids and visit Brichetto’s website for inspiration — she’s got an assortment of Seder plates, plus all kinds of other Jewish-themed ideas.


Maya Ben-Oren’s Origami Frog Bookmark

Courtesy of Maya Ben-Oren

Save your place in your Haggadah with this sweet plague: Maya Oren-Dahan’s Origami Frog Bookmark. For a detailed instructional video, visit her Instagram @mayas_crafty_world.


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