Bloom’s Kosher Carryout and Catering

Nobody can ever replace the legendary kosher caterer.

She was a legend … One of a kind … Someone whose shoes cannot be filled … I’m talking about Shirlee Bloom (Feroni), who recently passed away.

She was a dreamer who eventually saw her vision come true with her own places where she could make the original kosher dishes of her late mother and father, Lil and Harry Bloom, whose Mayfair Kosher Catering in Detroit and then Lil’s Kosher Catering and Carry-Out was in Oak Park.

Where you found Shirlee’s cooking and staff, you would also find only the finest kosher selections of Shirlee’s mom and dad … Such as a 120-seater in Oak Park called Prime 10, where Shirlee’s daughter, Hope “Cookie” Chimoff, assisted … and grandchildren, Taylor and Courtney Chimoff, would aid as waitpersons.

Shirelee Bloom’s Kosher Carryout and Catering
Shirlee Bloom

Bloom’s Kosher Carryout and Catering

But Shirlee was not satisfied…She had so much to offer…and an even larger catering future to leave as her legacy.

Her award-winning Bloom’s Kosher Carryout and Catering was highly lauded for Shirlee’s unbelievable presentations and very successful dining operations … Her family shared their heartfelt thanks on their Facebook page for the outpouring of love and support they’ve gotten from the community since Shirlee’s passing.

Yes, Shirlee left for another world…but she departed with a legacy that will always be remembered.

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