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Dear Jewish News Subscribers,

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, Metro Detroit post offices are experiencing significant delays; newspapers may be 2-3 days late this week and next. If you would like to stay current, you can login to your account to read the digital version of the paper here. We will also have a limited amount of papers outside of our offices if you prefer a physical edition. If you have any questions or need any subscription assistance, please email us at or contact us through our website.

Thank you for your understanding and continued subscribership.


  1. I have not received any JN editions since prior the LAST EDITION OF FEBRUARY 2020. THE DATE NOW IS MAY 11, 2020 WHY??? I paid $85.00 2019 for the yearly fee. I spoke to Sy Manello several weeks ago and he assured me that he would contact SUBSCRIPTION to have this correct. To DATE I still have not received a phone call 248/545-3776. WELL what is the problem. The Post Office says they do not receive my weekly magazine?????
    WELL what is the problem???? You received my payment the fall of 2019
    My home delivery address is 22101 Jerome, Oak Park, MI 48237.
    Maxine Gutfreund


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