Star Deli
(Photo: Star Deli)

Star Deli provides big choices despite its small size.

The temporary edict of carry-out and take-out only for restaurants during the present health crisis has no bearing on at least one very popular eatery.

That is because it has no seats anyway … and is strictly a take-out restaurant.

Star Deli, 12 Mile, just west of Telegraph Road, Southfield, does not stand to lose any customers who have made it one of America’s leading such delicatessens.

Sid and Harry Neuman
Sid and Harry Neuman

Soon to celebrate its anniversary, Sid Neuman will never forget coming from Poland and then Chicago almost 40 years ago to open that little 1,200 or more square-foot delicatessen with a small 600-square-foot kitchen … It ranks today, with his son and General Manager Harry Neuman, as one of the largest volume carry-out-only Jewish delis in America.

Imagine that small take-out only deli selling more eats from white albacore tuna to a bevy of choice deli meats, salads, etc., than many much larger delicatessens.

Star Deli
(Photo: Star Deli)

When Sid bought Star Deli, its former owner was satisfied with only one refrigerated case and to sell only the bare basic foods of a Jewish carry-out-only delicatessen … Sid changed all that … His remodeling included more refrigerated cases, walk-in cooler and an unbelievable selection of tradition Jewish foods.

Corned beef, salami, sandwiches, chicken salad, dairy trays. smoked fish, kippered salmon, herring in wine or cream, etc. … Soups, blintzes, latkes, tongue, roast beef, … Its own seafood salad, potato salad, lox … etc. … Cole slaw, pasta salad, rice pudding, fruit salad, etc. … Where, you wonder, can he and Harry put everything! … Even cookies, candies, coffee cakes, rugelach, pies, cheeses, fat-free items, etc. … even trays … Unbelievable!
Sid and Harry have surpassed their wildest dreams … That such a little site could become a huge carry-out-only giant!

WHY, YOU ASK, is so much time spent on talking about neighboring restaurants? … Because neighborhood restaurants have always held a special niche in the hearts of numerous people … Especially when talking about those eateries that can be depended upon to serve good quality food at low prices, clean atmosphere, good service and all-around pleasant relaxing comfort.

Countless are family-owned, mom-and-pop operations, etc. … Plus many are owned by semi-retired chefs who have finally found the restaurant they have always longed for to show off their special dining wares … Where so much pleasure goes into every tasty spoonful of stress-free comfort.

So many nostalgic good thoughts about the many neighborhood restaurants that throughout the years have made choice marks in many memories … Much too many to mention, of course … But oh, so wonderful pleasant reminiscences indeed … of such delightful places.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE QUICKIES … “He gave up drinking for good. Said he did it for the wife and kidneys.” … “He is serving a life sentence and writes a column for the prison newspaper. He calls it Here Today. Here Tomorrow.”

CONGRATS … To Martha Ruben on her birthday.

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