Sammy and Jack Pollack (Courtesy of Jack Pollack)

Quaranteen Help attempts to recreate the benefits of social work through an online platform.

With schools closed for the remainder of the year due to the coronavirus, many students are coping with the stressors of being home every day, not interacting with fellow classmates or teachers and dealing with the feelings of isolation.  

Two siblings, Jack and Sammy Pollack, were inspired by their mom, Nicole, a social worker at Beaumont, to recreate the benefits of social work through an online forum. Their website, Quaranteen Help, provides students of any age with an outlet and the opportunity to talk about their feelings with someone their own age. 

Jack is a sophomore at Bloomfield Hills High School and his sister Sammy, 13, is attending West Hills Middle School. They launched the website on Wednesday, April 1 and have been sharing the link with some of their mom’s coworkers and also in different Facebook groups. 

“Teens can put [in] their name and email, which goes right to our inbox and allows for us to engage directly with the student, whether that is a phone conversation or just through messaging one another, Sammy said. 

The Pollacks website is open to any student, regardless if they are in elementary, middle or high school. Their goal is to allow students to engage in conversations with someone who is facing the same obstacles as them. 

“We think sometimes it’s easier for a teen to talk to a teen instead of a teen talking to an adult, because teens share the same perspective that sometimes an adult just does not get,” Jack said. “Sometimes it’s also just easier to write out our feelings.” 

The siblings have had a handful of emails from students so far, but are hoping for more teens to utilize this tool and are looking forward to helping their fellow students get through this tough time. 

“We want to make a positive difference and help as many kids as we can stay more connected and have someone to reach out to who they know will always be there,” Sammy said. 


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